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An Abundance of Choice


Add a stylish touch to any room with Porcelain slabs. Porcelain slabs flooring is ideal for its beauty & versatility and can be used in any room in your home. These must-have Porcelain slabs enhance the look & function of today’s home.  Why not make your kitchen the best it can be?


Engineered Porcelain Advantages

PORSSA slabs are functional and practical surfaces that guarantee and supports any kind of creation.  Unlike other surfaces, these slabs are suitable for contact with food; they are hygienic, stain proof, mold proof, resistant to chemicals, acids, bases and solvents and easy to clean. No special care needed during daily use. PORSSA slabs are suitable for all kinds of weather; they are not affected by high temperatures, scratchproof, and completely waterproof, and also withstands UV rays.  

The strength and durability of PORSSA makes it suitable for outdoor furnishings. A perfect way to give a fresh look and unique personality to outdoors. The brushed surface offers sophisticated look, strength, practicality and experience new ways of living in harmony with nature.


Possesses strong application, less seam, and easy cleaning; possess the characteristics of flexible cutting, various combinations, more abundant applications of different sizes.


Create polished bright surface, matt surface, rock surface and other different surface senses with the delicate touch, which can ensure the best comfort vision.


Use the world's top digital inkjet penetration technology to penetrate the ink into the porcelain surface about 0.5mm forming the decorative texture, which makes the product texture realistic and color natural. The series includes pure color, stone texture and so on.


Restore the sense of transparency and hierarchy of stone color, enhance the realistic color, and greatly improve the abrasion resistance of the surface.


Reduce the natural stone texture features at the most extent to obtain rich and meticulous product pattern with high definition, which is greatly superior to the traditional printing.


Use porcelain materials and advanced technology to make up for the poor performance, high maintenance cost, non-renewable characteristic and other problems of natural stones. The large slabs can reduce the consumption of raw materials and reduce the production of pollutants, which is in line with the concept of green environmental protection in modern home decoration.

Porssa Product Sizes

Item No: Item Name Finish Size Thickness
P630 Arabescato Polished 126"x63" 12mm
P630h Arabescato Honed 126"x63" 12mm
P880 Statuario Polished 126"x63" 12mm
P663 Dove Gray Polished 126"x63" 12mm
P683 Amazon Gray Polished 126"x63" 12mm
P553b Grigio Brushed 126"x63" 12mm
P028 Pure White Polished 126"x63" 12mm
P028h Pure White Honed 126"x63" 12mm
P578 Palladion Polished 126"x63" 12mm
P578h Palladion Honed 126"x63" 12mm
P571 White Panther Polished 126"x63" 12mm
P571h White Panther Panther 126"x63" 12mm
P573 Calacatta Borghini Polished 126"x63" 12mm
P573h Calacatta Borghini Honed 126"x63" 12mm
P575 Calacatta Lucina Polished 126"x63" 12mm
P575h Calacatta Lucina Honed 126"x63" 12mm
P637 Calacatta Reale Polished 126"x63" 12mm
P637H Calacatta Reale Honed 126"x63" 12mm
P557b Livid Gray Brushed 126"x63" 12mm
P555b Twilight Gray Brushed 126"x63" 12mm